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This wiki will contain information regarding the Borg Collective as featured in the Star Trek television series. All of the information may not be pure-canon and will sometimes contain theories, however all of the theorized information will possess a reasonable basis from information given in the series and movies.

Here is the key to reading the information presented in the various articles.

White text is standard canon information or information which isn't required to be proven.
Text in orange is theoretical information which is not strictly cannon nor proven.


Borg Collective

Borg Drone
Borg Queen
Locutus of Borg
Seven of Nine
Ensign Lynch
Hive Mind
Borg Combat Tactics
Collective Chronological Timeline
 : Wolf 359
Vessel Assimilation
Borg Structures and Stations
Borg Vessels
Borg Cube
Borg Diamond
Borg Tactical Cube
Borg Sphere
Borg Probe
Drone Technology
Assimilation Tubules
Borg Alcove
Autonomous Regeneration Sequencer
Cortical array
Hive Mind
Occular  Implant
Vessel Technology
Offense Technology
High-Yield Gravimetric Torpedoes
Borg Polaron Beam
Cutting Beam
Multikinetic Neutronic Mine
Defence Technology
Ablative Armour Generator
Adaptive Shield Matrix
Automated Regeneration Unit
Automatic Regeneration Matrix
Multi-Regenerative Security Field
Shape Memory Alloy
Propulsion Technology
Quantum Slipstream Drive
Communication Technology
Central Plexus
Borg Access Terminal
Star Trek: Enterprise
Regeneration (Episode)
Astrometric Database
Minerals and Alloys
Spatial Designations
Spatial Anomalies
Spatial Anomaly 521
Species Database
Species Designations
Species 8472

Locutus of Borg Neurolytic Pathogen

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