Locutus of Borg
Original Name: Jean Luc Picard
Species: 5618
Assimilation Date: 2366, Stardate 43997
Seperation Date: 2367


Type of Drone: Diplomatic

Enhancements/Augmentations: Cortical Implant, Servo-Armature, Exo-Plating.


In 2366 Captain Jean-Luc Picard was assimilated to be a counterpart between humanity and the Borg alongside the Borg Queen herself. Following his assimilation, the Borg Collective gained tremendous amounts of knowledge including Picard's personal lifetime experience and expertise. Also gaining data relating to Federation starship designs including tactical weaknesses and strengths of each design from 2289 to 2360 plus the entire vessel deployment locations of Starfleet's response force to the Borg's first invasion attempt. This knowledge lead to the destruction of 39 starfleet ships resulting in 11,000 deaths by a single cube during the battle of Wolf 359 which occured when Starfeet attempted to intercept the cube and prevent it from reaching Earth. Following the battle of Wolf 359 the cube continued towards earth, breaching the Mars Defense Perimeter and defeating the small fleet stationed there before taking up position in Earth's orbit as it prepared to assimilate earth. The Enterprise-D lead by Commander William T. Riker were able to infiltrate the cube, kidnap Locutus and use his uplink to the hive mind to implant the looping command to regenerate into the drones aboard which could not be overidden, the Borg Queen then activated the vessels self-destruct sequence.

Knowledge Gained

60 years of memories

Starfleet training and surival expertise

Shelly class technical familiarization

Centaur class technical familiarization

Excelsior class technical familiarization

Challenger class technical familiarization

Constellation class - 31 years of knowledge and technical expertise including

Olympic class technical familiarization

Norway class technical familiarization

Ambassador class technical familiarization

Saber class technical familiarization

Steamrunner class technical familiarization

Akira class technical familiarization

Nebula class technical familiarization

Galaxy class - 2 years of experience and technical expertise

New Orleans class technical familiarization

Rigel class technical familiarization

Cheyenne class technical familiarization

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