Borg Queen
Borg-queen-wallpapers 16758 1152x864
Original Name: Unknown
Species: Borg, Species 125
Assimilation Date: Unknown
Seperation Date: Unknown

The entity which brings "order to chaos", also known as the Borg queen was assimilated around the age of 7 or 8 and was originally a member of species 125. She is capable of a full range of emotions from anger and hate to affection.

In Human terms, a Borg Queen could be characterized as ruthless. She would do anything to protect the Borg Collective. Where drones showed no emotions, the Queen herself did. When necessary she would employ psychological tactics, like extortion or plain intimidation to get what she wanted. 


Type of Drone: Command

Enhancements/Augmentations: Completely replaced tecnhological spinal and cereberal housing capable of surviving with or without the organic tissue. Assimilation tubules.


The Queen's skull and spinal chord have been completely replaced by technological replacements, protecting and enhancing cognitive capabilities and drastically increasing the speed at which the brain signals are sent and received. The tritanium skull houses her large, superior brain capable of limitless multi-tasking, inconvievably complex calculations and capable of easily coordinating the entire population of the Collective with relative effortlessness. The components also are capable of maintaining brain activity even after the loss of the organic tissue and is capable of withstanding warpcore plasma coolant, the spinal chord is however very fragile and may be torn apart by hand.

Whilst concentrating on coordinating the Collective the Queen is intergrated directly in-to the computer core, further increasing her coordinative efforts within the Collective. She is however unable to communicate in this form and thus must be intergrated in-to a body in order to communicate with other species personally, typically verbally. Whilst intergrated in-to a body she is succeptable to being distracted and damaged and can not tap directly in-to the corical array of other drones to see through them, thus she is often required to use holographic viewscreens for observational purposes.

  • The interior components of the Borg Queen.
  • The interior components of the Queen exposed.


The Queen is typically housed in the Unicomplex, where she coordinates and controls the entire Borg Collective. When she wishes to leave the Unicomplex, she typically travels with the Diamond however has also travelled on a variety of other ship classes such as: a cube and sphere.

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