The cutting beam is a high-powered, extremely precise, focused, multi-purpose cutting laser which was previously used by Borg vessels to abduct entire cities from planets, sections from vessels and finally as a devastating weapon tearing vessels apart during combat following which they would be pulled in-to the Borg vessel for analysis and/or assimilation.

With the wide-spread implementation of ablative armour among many races the cutting beam proved to be highly ineffective and outdated. It was thus removed as the primary armament of Borg vessels, being substituted for traditional weaponry such as gravametric torpedos and high-energy disruptor beams.

Cutting Beam Function 01 - Planetary Plate Abduction


An entire city and 900 inhabitants abducted.

The cutting beam is capable of abducting entire colonies from planets, by firing upon one point and quickly encircling an area before returning to the original point. Used in conjunction with a tractor beam to lift the planetary plate in-to space and aboard the Borg vessel.

Cutting Beam Function 02 - Vessel Segment Abduction



Cutting beam employed against the Enterprise-D.

The cutting beam is also capable of abducting sections from vessels whilst the shields are down, it is also used in conjunction with a tractor beam to pull the sections in-to the Borg vessel.

Cutting Beam Function 03 - Vessel Destruction

Battle of Wolf 359-CuttingBeam

Battle of Wolf 359-CuttingBeam.flv

Cutting beam employed during Wolf 359.

Unlike the other two functions of the cutting beam which both possess the purpose of analysis and precision, when used as a weapon the cutting beam no longer requires a standard tractor beam. Instead a blue beam which simultaniously holds the vessel and drains the shields by 22% every 3 seconds is employed, following the shields failing the vessel is then destroyed. During the battle of Wolf 359 the cutting beam was able to penetrate the shielding of Federation vessels due to the assimilated knowledge of Locutus.