Battle of sector 001 (Star Trek First Contact)

Here we will list and explain the general protocol the Borg observe during encounters and combat. Explanations will include why and what advantages and disadvantages each action presents.

Ship to Ship Combat ProceduresEdit

Scenario: Single Targets Borg vessel versus alien vesselEdit

  • Approaches Undetected - Borg vessels only use a dispersal field against unaware targets with their shields still down making it invisible to sensor scans as they approach at impulse speed. During this time the vessel will contruct the appropriate weapons to aid in the capture of the vessel such as: the shield draining torpedos, warp field destabilizing weapons and laser cutting beams.(TNG - "Q Who?", VOY - "Collective")
  • Scouting - In the event the vessels shields are down upon initial contact the vessel transports a single drone to the engineering section in order to download the technical vessels schematics and database. (TNG - "Q Who?")
  • Scans vessel - Once a vessel has been detected on the sensors the vessel moves in closer and performs a scan using the polaron beam. (VOY - "Scorpion")
  • Hails vessel - When the vessels technology or lifeforms have been scanned and considered worthy of assimilation the Borg vessel will then hail using their standard greeting. ("Star Trek First Contact", TNG - "Q Who", "Best of Both Worlds", VOY - "Scorpion", "The Raven", "Drone", "One", "Dark Frontier", "Hope and Fear", "Endgame")
  • Engages tractor-pulse and holds the vessel - preventing it from escaping or performing combat maneuvers while the Borg vessel beging wearing down the defences of the target vessel. ("Star Trek First Contact, TNG - Q Who, Best of Both Worlds, VOY - Scorpion, One, Dark Frontier, Hope and Fear, Endgame")
  • Cutting beam - In first contact encounters, when the vessel possesses an unknown hull alloy composition the Borg vessel will use the cutting beam to extract a non-vital section from the ship for analysis. (TNG - Q Who, Best of Both Worlds")

During CombatEdit

  • Targeting - the Borg opt for a direct, simplistic and efficient attack pattern: targeting one system at a time for efficiency, they do not scatter their fire. Typically targetting shields first (VOY - "Collective") while the holding beam prevents them from moving. The Borg do not typically target the weapon systems of other vessels as they purposefully prepare for incoming fire allowing themselves time to adapt to the targets weapons. (VOY - "Collective")
  • Exploiting Opportunities - such as tapping into transporter beams for beaming drones on-board the vessel. (VOY - "Dark Frontier")
  • Once shields are down, transports drones
  • Drones often beam aboard the bridge in an attempt to seize immediate control of the vessel. (VOY - Dark Frontier, Star Trek First Contact)

Boarding TacticsEdit

Scenario: Minimal Drones, Loss of the Borg Ship, Far from Borg SpaceEdit

The drones firstly proceed very cautiously, deactivating the vessels intruder alert and then proceeding towards the vessels Engineering section using only conduits and hidden junctions to assimilating crew members encountered along the way using ambush tactics until finally they attack engineering, blocking communications and disabling the internal com system within engineering before they proceed using their standard direct approach.

In the event the vessel is a great distance from Borg space such as within an entirely different quadrant the Borg perform the following:

  • The drones will pause their advances and assimilate the vessels deflector control.
  • Drones will construct an external beacon which when completed is capable of sending a message to the Collective which also provide the vessels co-ordinates.

Following which the Borg drones continue assimilating the lower decks first, working their way towards the bridge for the vessels total assimilation.

Scenario: Minimal Drones, Retreat of the Borg Ship, Far from Borg SpaceEdit

(All information taken from observations from Borg appearances in Star Trek First Contact, Enteprise: Regeneration, The Next Generation and Voyager.)

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